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Mortons Neuroma

Morton's Neuroma Causes, Treatments and Products

Learn more about Morton's Neuroma, how it is treated and the products to lessen the pain


One common foot condition connected to pain, inflammation or swelling of the nerve is called Morton's Neuroma. The pain is felt at the third and fourth toes (at the ball of the foot). Symptoms may manifest as numbness on the affected area or a throbbing and burning feeling as expressed by the patient. The patient may feel a piercing or stabbing pain that is relieved when they stop walking and try to massage their foot. Other symptoms include stinging, tingling, or cramping on the affected region. When you get to hear the name of this foot problem, you might think that it is a scary condition, but worry no more because it is benign and the prognosis is high especially when proper treatment is rendered.



Causes of Morton's Neuroma


The nerve amid the third and fourth metatarsal heads are congested or squeezed by bones because of an abnormality in the function of the foot. This foot problem is referred to as the Morton's Neuroma. Different activities can result to Morton's Neuroma like walking, running, jumping, standing, etc. especially if you have been putting pressure in the same forefoot area for a long period of time. Another cause that is linked to having this foot problem is wearing uncomfortable shoes. Examples of these shoes are high heeled footwear (because this puts pressure in the forefoot region) and pointed toe shoes (such as boots) can result to Morton's foot as well. Such narrow toed shoes squeezes the nerves in between the toes, thus resulting in severe pain and discomfort on the part of the patient. Other possible reason for its development includes having an improper style of walking, foot structure that is awkward like when the foot rolls inward, too much bending of toe upwards, too much movement, and having a high arch foot.



Treatment and Prevention of Morton's Neuroma


Choosing the appropriate and comfortable footwear plays a major role in the management of Morton's Neuroma.


  • First of all, use the type of shoes that will give enough space and comfort to your toes, this will be helpful in the managing and relief of pain.
  •  Another thing a person with Morton's foot must observe and to buy orthotic designed metatarsal pads. These pads are made to relieve pressure and severe pain as a result of the neuroma. The pad is placed behind the ball of the foot.
  • The doctor may prescribe some pain killers like NSAIDs (anti-inflammatory medications) like ibuprofen
  • Physical therapy
  • And as a last rest if the condition is severe: surgery


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