Custom Biomechanical Arch Support


Without a doubt, there are many people out there suffering from different types of foot pain and problems. Biomechanical relates to the movement and structure of the foot and ankle enabling them to work together and create movement. Understanding the principle of biomechanics will help in solving your foot pain and problems. This is especially important to refrain from having the need of a surgery for your issues.

Having the much needed understanding on the principle of biomechanics will help to improve your condition and gradually solve your foot pain. Measures are taken to identify the type of foot pain you are suffering from and various resolution can be applied to get optimal solution.

Studying how our human body move and function naturally can help to remove any stress and pressure on the muscles, bones and joints of our body, and everything begins from your foot. Your foot and ankle plays an important role in your everyday movement and you need to pay attention to it before you experience a more intense pain. Protect your foot by wearing the right footwear and using custom made insoles will definitely solve any foot problems. You will benefit from our biomechanical understanding through the custom made insoles designed and created specifically to your foot.

Our custom made insoles provides a custom biomechanical arch support which improves your walking gait and performance. It will reduce any form of injuries, wear and tear of the knee cap and eventually reduces your back pain issues. Besides helping to reduce pain, stress and discomfort, custom made insoles can also help to improve the quality of movement which will further increase its performance. You will gain the benefits of having custom biomechanical arch support simply by using our custom made insoles.

These are all possible with the use of our technology known as Happy Walker Custom Biomechanical Arch Support (CBAS). Over 80 years ago, it was firstly developed in Germany and further enhanced by the Americans. Happy Walker adapted this technology for our custom made insoles. Understanding the principle of biomechanics enable us to develop a more precision custom made insole to help solve your foot pain and problems. By using the state-of-the-art technology to engineer your custom made insoles, it will help to properly align your joints and place your foot to its natural position as you walk, stand, run or while doing other activities.

Unlike others, we analyse over 100,000 scanning data of Asian feet to understand and provide the most suitable solution for foot pain and problems. Our Asian feet are very much different compared to the American feet. We customize your insoles with extra width and depth which fit perfectly to your feet and this provides support unique to your foot structure and walking ways. With our custom biomechanical arch support created for your needs, it promotes good biomechanics which will help you have a more natural movement in your foot and joints.

It will generally improve your well-being and reduce any existing foot pain. You will benefit from our custom biomechanical arch support by being able to reduce injuries and get faster and stronger in your movements. 

Don’t bear with the Pain.

Let our friendly consultant help you do a detailed analysis to help you solve your foot pain and problems.

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