Benefits of Custom-Made Insoles

Align your body and feet

With a custom-made insoles supporting
your feet and ankle while standing and
walking, it will improve your balance,
body posture and performance
with more comfort any time of the day
while you are on your feet.

Optimum balance and comfort

Balancing the foot with a
custom-made insoles allows more equal
weight distribution and relieves undesirable
stresses associated with foot pain and
discomfort across the sole of the feet
across the sole of the foot.

Shock Absorption

Custom made insoles provide superior
shock absorption in addition to controlling
the heel during walking or running.
The combination makes it a joy to walk,
run and participate in all of your favourite activities.

Prevent or reduce discomfort from foot pain problems

Customized insoles can provide a change
in foot function, helping to better compensate
for abnormalities and prevent certain foot conditions
such as Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma,
Achilles Tendonitis and Bunions from getting worse.

Help to alleviate many
bio-mechanical complaints

The combined benefits of shock absorption and
improved alignment and posture can help to
alleviate many biomechanical complaints such as heel pain, knee pain and back pain


Reduce tiredness

With the improved foot function and better
alignment body posture, the level of fatigue
is reduced and thus able to allow for longer walking distance

Process of Custom Made Insoles

Foot Care Consultancy

Pressure Scan

3D Scan on customer’s feet

Foot Database Analysing

3D image is converted into 3D modelling

Manufacture our custom made insoles based on the 3D modelling profile

QC check to ensure quality of custom made insoles

Deliver Our Products to Customer

Footcare consultant will help the customer with shoe fitting or minor adjustment as required to ensure customer feel comfortable

The Power of Customised Insoles

Do not suffer in silence.

Some foot problems may be issues related to foot’s arch, alignment or other pressure distribution issues.

Unlike what is commonly believed, surgery may not be the only option for some foot problems. These problem may be addressed through principles of biomechanics applied to customised insoles.

Happy Walker Biomechanical Arch Support can help you improve your walking gait, reduce wear and tear of your knee caps and even address back pain problems

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