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As we walk from one place to another, we tend to take our legs for granted. We also know that walking in uncomfortable shoes can easily ruin your day. Using uncomfortable shoes for a long period of time will affect your well-being and health as your weight are mostly on your legs and feet. Therefore, using uncomfortable and wrong shoes will definitely attack your feet and that will cause foot pain and problems.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to have the right footwear or shoes, especially when you are always on your feet. Happy Walker specialises in finding the right footwear or shoes according to your feet type. Every foot is different and Happy Walker has many years of experience in designing and creating a custom made insole especially for your feet.

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Most Happy Walker shoes are made from high-quality leather which is very durable and able to last a long period of time. Every shoe is also unique with its widened toe-box space to accommodate our Asian feet which are different from American or European feet. These shoes are designed and developed using over 100,000 Asian foot scan data which Happy Walker has gathered throughout the years.

This means it is the best fitting shoes for Asians available in the industry, which also means that Happy Walker shoes give excellent support and comfort to your feet. Furthermore, our unique corrective arch support insole helps to relieve our foot pain and problems. As our arch support insole help to relieve pain and discomfort, it helps to reduce any foot pain or heel pain. Overall, it will help you improve your feet condition while giving you excellent comfort as you stand, walk or run.

It is always Happy Walker’s priority that we find the perfect type of shoes or footwear for our customers who might experience any type of foot pain and problems. We also emphasize the importance of feet care and excellent comfort for your feet. That does not mean that we compromise look and fashion. We provide a numerous range of shoes and footwear that are both pretty and healthy. You can walk with confidence and walk with excellent comfort with Happy Walker’s shoes and footwear.

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What are the importance of Excellent Comfort in Happy Walker shoes?

If you have any types of foot pain and problems, finding the right type of shoes can be challenging. Keep these 10 tips in mind when you are trying on shoes:

  1. The size of your feet can change several times in your life. Have a professional fitting done by us occasionally.
  2. Never buy shoes based on the size alone, and always have your foot measured. We will then be able to find the right shoes for you.
  3. Try shoes on with the socks you’re likely to wear them with at home. A shoe that’s comfortable in thin peds might hurt with thicker athletic socks at home.
  4. Make sure that the widest part of your foot is comfortably accommodated with great arch support and our insoles can make it more comfortable for you.
  5. Try on shoes at the end of the day, when your feet will be at their largest so that you don’t end up with shoes that will only fit through lunch-time. Hence, a foot analysis by us is important.
  6. Be sure that the shoes are supportive enough for the activities you expect to take part in. Talk to us about your day to day and we can find the right shoe for you.
  7. Try to stick to shoes that have plenty of wiggle room in the toe-area and you don’t have to worry because our shoes provide wide toe room for comfort. Pointy-toed shoes can cause corns, calluses and even deform your toes.
  8. Consider what type of arch you have (neutral, low arches or high arches) and we will make sure that the shoes provide the proper support. On top of that, our custom made insoles can often help make the shoes more comfortable.
  9. Running shoes should have about a half-inch of room at the end of the toe when standing and we have a wide range of sport shoes for you.
  10. If your feet are two different sizes, buy the shoes that fit the larger foot best. Do a free foot scan with us and we will be able to solve this problems.

To get an even better understanding of getting the right footwear or shoes with excellent comfort, you can just visit us at any of our outlets and our friendly consultant will be more than happy to assist you.

Don’t bear with the Pain.

Let our friendly consultant help you do a detailed analysis to help you solve your foot pain and problems.

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