Happy Game – Better Performance

In athletics there is a greater importance on balance, support performance and endurance for your feet. You can improve your game by combining the right shoe insert, socks, and properly fitted shoes for every sport from golf to skiing to running.

What you wear on your feet is the most important part of foot care. Many problems such as aches in your feet, ankles, knees, lower back and even your shoulders stem from improper treatment of your feet. These pains are often caused by simply the style and fit of your shoes. A supportive shoe combined with the proper insert, will put your foot in its natural position for walking, standing and training. By putting your feet in balance, the alignment of other joints will be improved. Happy Walker is the leader in properly fitted shoes and inserts.

Let Happy Walker improve your distance, lower your handicap and help keep you healthier by staying active and enjoying life.

Golf – One Stroke Less

In golfing, the primary requirement is to stabilize the lower body during the back swing and the down swing. During the back swing, the power side of the body needs to store energy in the legs and hips for the release.

During the down swing, this energy must be released in a strong but controlled rotation. This is best achieved by not allowing the power side of the body to sway during the back swing and having the weak side hold position vertically while rolling over the lateral edge of that foot.

At Happy Walker, every customer receives an extensive assessment of his/her individual needs. We will scan your feet using our state-of-the-art technology, then our lab will produce a pair of custom shoe insole that will hold your strong side straighter during the back swing and encourage your weak side to roll laterally at the mid foot.
Let our trained footwear consultants custom fit your inserts today and help you get balance back into your game!

Running – Better Timing, Less Injury

Let’s assume a typical stride length is 3 feet for runners, give or take.

Given this assumption, a marathoner will take roughly 46,112 steps by the end of the 26.2 mile jaunt. That is just for the race! We aren’t even including all of the training leading up to that point. If a runner over-pronates only 1 millimeter, he or she will have over-pronated a total of 46,112 millimeters over the course of a full marathon, equaling 1,815 inches or 46 meters.

This stress puts on the body can add up quickly!”

Look for: A running specific insole designed for the unique motion patterns of running (not all insoles sold to runners have this design in mind). Comfort is king (pain does
NOT equal gain here). A zero mm drop is ideal so they will not interfere with your running shoe’s design.