Happy Work – Better Productivity

Be it Blue or white collar staff, such as nurses, teachers, cleaners or sales executives, people standing on the job or walking a lot at work faces not only accelerated tiredness and fatigue, but it also increases the risk of various foot and leg problems because it puts strain on bones, joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments. Standing for long periods of time also causes reduced blood supply to the lower extremities, which promotes soreness. Prolonged standing may also create an accumulation of blood in the foot or around the ankles. Healthy workers are productive thus it is important not to neglect your foot health.
Employees spend a majority of their waking hours each week in work place and it helps not to leave the office feeling completely drained and unable to participate in social activities.

With the improved foot function and better alignment body posture, the level of fatigue is reduced and thus able to allow more time for productive work and leisure.

Using Orthotics device like custom made insoles will also help reduce fatigue from long period of walking or standing.
Happy Walker has a wide range of shoe selection that are comfortable and suitable for to use with orthotic device. Make a pair of custom made insoles to provide you with the support and balance so that you can walk longer without foot pain