The Happy Walker TruScan Foot Scanner is a custom-built, proprietary foot scanner developed to our exact specifications.

State-Of-The-Art 3D Scanner

The TruScan Foot Scanner is a state-of-the-art 3D scanner that can detect foot pressure distribution, foot arch type as well as provide detailed measurements of your foot. And each scan is completed in just 0.86 seconds!

The TruScan 3D scanner is accurate up to 100 microns and it provides sharp and precise images of your foot for our computer modelling. Our TruScan scanner provides a better solution than the traditional plaster casting method that can unreliable and less precise. It is also far more superior than the 2D flatbed scanners used by some orthotic shaping pop-up booths that can be found in shopping centres.

With the multiple measurements points it generates, we are able to achieve a high degree of accuracy when we are producing our Custom-Made Insoles for you. The TruScan Foot Scanner is the fundamental reason why Happy Walker’s Custom-Made Insoles are able to help correct and relieve pains caused by foot problems.

Our Foot Care Consultants         

Starting with a questionnaire to better understand your pains and your foot problems, our Happy Walker Foot Care Consultants will be able to advise you on the underlying issues that are causing you pain.

Every Happy Walker Foot Care Consultant undergoes 3 days of extensive training conducted personally by Happy Walker founder and director, Mr Teo Shu Tong, a certified pedorthist.