High Arch Feet


High arch feet, some may know it as Pes Cavus or Cavus feet, is one of the common foot pain and problem. This type of foot issue is usually painful due to the foot high arch, it puts a lot of pressure and weight on the ball and heel of your foot. It leads to continuous pain and stress which will eventually affect the stability of your ankle.

Actually one in five Asians do suffer from high arch feet. It is an issue many overlook and do not realise the importance of finding a solution to solve the pain. However, it is also one of the common foot pain and problem that is difficult to diagnose if you do not seek advice or proper consultation from a professional podiatrist or doctor. Having high arch feet will significantly increase stress and pressure on your feet muscles that control your feet. Such stress and pressure may lead to overuse injury and may become worse if it is not treated.

If you are unsure to seek advice or consult the podiatrist or doctor, you can firstly identify if you have a high arch problem by doing a foot print test. After looking at the result of the footprint test, you can evaluate if seeking professional treatment is needed. To do the footprint test, one of the method is to wet your feet and then stand on a paper towel or paper bag, your wet footprint will then be visible on it. Even though this method is not exactly accurate, you will be able to see the marks of your footprint. Here are the different types of footprint with different arch types footprint results:

There are different reasons why you might have high arch feet problem. One of it can be caused by a medical reason known as neuromuscular condition. A neuromuscular condition is an abnormal structure of inherited disorder, which can be passed down from one generation to the next. Even though some with such inherited condition may not experience much pain, there are people that experienced severe pain.

Neuromuscular disorder is a type of condition that affected your nerves and muscles around your feet area that resulted to an increase in your arch height. Some examples of this neuromuscular condition are Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, polio or it can also be because of stroke. Neuromuscular condition targets the muscle tone in your feet to gets weak or even paralysed. If your high arch problem is cause by any of these, your high arch condition can gradually become worse as it is due to a neurologic disorder.

Such medical condition may not only be the main reason. If you experienced certain trauma of injury to your feet, that can also be the cause of having high arch feet problem. The true cause of your high arch problem will determine your prognosis and the progression of your condition. Without professional treatment, your condition will elevate worse over time.

It will affect you when you stand and you will feel pain as your walk or run. Because your foot is unstable due to the unproportionally balance of your foot, it will lead to having ankle pain. As your muscle on the outside of your feet get weak, your tendonitis will start to swell and cause pain behind your ankle. Having weak muscle on your feet and pain on your ankle will influence you to drag your feet while taking your step.

You will need to be mindful of your arch feet condition and if you realised your arch is getting higher, you definitely need to consult a professional podiatrist or a doctor. The professional podiatrist or doctor will check your feet for any other foot pain and problems such as hammer toes or calluses, examine the way your walk, ask about any medical history in your family, and if needed, you will need to do an X-ray of your feet for them to look at your bone structure and understand your condition better.

Treating your high arch feet will depends on the diagnosis of the professional podiatrist. If your high arch feet is not caused by the medical reason of neuromuscular condition, a non-surgical option is advisable. To help solve your high arch feet pain, you will need to stabilise your foot by using orthotics with high arches. To provide an even better support and stabilisation, making a custom made insole designed specifically to your feet will definitely improve your condition and help reduce your foot pain.

Having many years of experience solving different types of foot pain and problems, we can do a precise scan of your feet and create a custom made insole designed perfectly to your feet which will help stabilise and support your feet and ankle. Our custom made insoles helps to reduce pressure on affected areas of your feet and that will reduce the pain you’ve been experiencing. Having custom made insoles will improve the underlying structure of your feet and ankle and overall improve your feet condition. Our custom made insoles can also be paired with one of our supportive shoes to provide a good arch support and relieve stress and pressure on your foot and ankle.

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