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Technology changes over time and Happy Walker continue to strive for improvement and innovation. Happy Walker is the first in Singapore to have its own orthotics lab to develop and use new technology.

Currently, most custom made insoles in the market adopt the traditional manufacturing method including the manual manufacturing and CNC machining. This manufacturing method will take a long time and it is usually expensive as it is hand-polished by the orthotist which is time consuming and labour intensive. The whole cycle of this process takes a long time and mass production is impossible. Besides time consuming and expensive, it is also wasteful. Due to such traditional method, the subtractive material generates large material waste and operates on expensive equipment which are complicated, large, noisy and dusty.

Learning on the disadvantages of traditional manufacturing method and processes, Happy Walker aims at these factors and utilises years of experience in custom made insoles industry to feature a new technology that can successfully develop 3D scanning and printing of custom made insoles. While a lot of companies are using plaster casting molding method, Happy Walker is the first few companies that uses the latest state-of-the-art technology for 3D Scanning process with precise measurement accuracy of up to 1um.

By using these new technology enabled the scanned images to be converted into a 3D CAD profile using exclusive modelling software. The 3D scanner generates the 3D STL Data and with the inputs given by the customer based on the foot analysis questionnaire, the physician can fine-tuned the data and create a unique customer’s 3D CAD profile. The 3D CAD profile are then converted to the CAM Model and sent for manufacturing. The lead time is short as the custom made insoles are manufactured locally here in Singapore.

This new technology has greatly improved the system’s efficiency level, increased in productivity, produce better quality and reduced the cost of operating significantly by a huge margin. As this new technology gradually replaces the traditional customised insoles manufacturing process, it also provides numerous advantages. Some of the advantages include cost saving on manpower and you do not need to reply on CAM Engineer, it does not produce much wastage and enable saving on materials and reduce on CAM material waste, it is environmentally friendly with no CAM noise and exhaust pollution, and overall it improve the performance using material with better resilience than EVA.

Happy Walker’s technology is suitable for our Asian feet type, unlike others that designed shoes and insoles using European and American foot data. Happy Walker has sold over 50,000 custom made insoles and gathered scanning data of 100,000 Asian feet. European and Americans have longer but narrower width feet while Asians typically have shorter and wider width feet.

With our big data, Happy Walker is able to design shoe models that are most suitable for Asians. Our aim is to help customers to achieve a better work productivity, better activity performance, better travel enjoyment and better leisure times using Happy Walkers’ products. Our philosophy is help customer achieve a quality lifestyle through feet care.

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