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Every other person might experience foot pain and not many will actually get treatment for it. Thus far, we’ve explored different types of foot pain and problems such as Flat Feet, Metatarsalgia, High Arch Feet, and recently on Morton’s Neuroma. We will continue to explore more on other foot pain and problems. There are multiple ways to deal with any type of foot pain and problem.

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Having foot pain and problems could actually be easily relieved by using the right pair of shoes depending on the type of foot pain and problems you have. First of all, you will need to diagnose the type of foot pain and the problem you might have but seek advice from a certified pedorthist, doctor, or podiatrist.

Choosing the right footwear or shoes is important for you to maintain a healthy set of feet. The right footwear or shoes need to have the right support and they need to fit specifically to your feet. Using footwear or shoes that do not provide support and have poor fitting can lead to foot pain and problems. Your feet need the right support in your shoes such as specific shoe inserts or custom made insoles. This will definitely help boost the comfort of your feet as the custom made insoles offer good shock absorption and help buffer pressure on your feet as you stand, walk, run, jump, and do any other activities.

Using footwear or shoes with excessive thick cushioning or padding does not necessarily mean it will provide the right support and shock absorption. Excessive thick cushioning and padding do not help to reduce any foot pain because it only helps to reduce the sensation of the impact. In most cases, it might deteriorate your foot pain and problems as scientifically, the impact forces on the feet increase. Therefore, it is crucial you choose the right footwear or shoes with the right custom made insoles.

What shoes and footwear to choose?

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Happy Walker can provide both custom made insoles and the right footwear or shoes. Having our custom made insoles in your footwear or shoes will provide superior shock absorption for you. Our custom made insoles provide support and control as you walk, run, and etc. as it properly absorbs impact and your body weight will be evenly spread across your heels, toes, and arches.

Our custom made insoles are designed for your feet which will help to correct any form of abnormality or irregular walking patterns. They provide definite shock absorption by removing pressure and stress from any painful areas on your feet. It will also provide better positioning for your feet to prevent any foot deformity or prevent existing foot pain or problems from getting worse. Happy Walker’s custom made insoles help to improve your overall motion on your feet and make it a joy to walk, run, and etc.

Does having good insoles help to gain better shock absorptions?

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Good shock absorption footwear or shoes is highly influenced by custom made insoles. The shock improvement is most impressive when your feet are protected with the right custom made insoles that we designed and created according to your foot.

As our custom made insoles and footwear or shoes improve the way you stand, walk and help to absorbs shock from the ground. Our custom made insoles are very different from our over the counter insoles. Based on your foot data analysis, we create custom made insoles that will meet your specific needs. As the custom made insoles are unique to you, they provide you with the right support, effective control, and an essential amount of shock absorption.

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Don’t bear with the Pain.

Let our friendly consultant help you do a detailed analysis to help you solve your foot pain and problems.

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